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Bristol is now the cocaine capital of the UK

Dunno how, you’re all so skint


Bristol has won a few awards over recent years such as European Green Capital, UNESCO City Of Film but now, our most recent and hopefully most treasured we have been named the "Cocaine capital of the UK".

In a new report Bristol has been named the cocaine capital of the UK ranking above cities such as London and Manchester.

Two days of snow and we are now the UK's white capital.

Carried out by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, it states each day 754.7mg of the stimulant are consumed per 1000 residents in the city.

And you all thought we were ket kings…

Bristol have also managed to bag a place in the in the Top 10 for usage in Europe last year. The European city with the highest use of cocaine was Barcelona with a daily consumption of 965.2mg of the drug per 1000 residents.

The research was found by testing waste water, such as sewage, for traces of the drug to collect their results.

The study states:

“This year's report highlights some potentially worrying changes in the market for illicit opioids, the substances that continue to be associated with a high level of morbidity and mortality in Europe".