What to do if you’re single this Valentine’s Day in Bristol

That doesn’t involve drinking a box of rosé alone

Valentine's 2018 is looming on the horizon, and you're well aware of just how close it is, despite what you may be telling your loved-up friends and over-curious family.

So to help you through the next week and give you something to look forward to (other than the half price post-V-day chocolate- see you in the queues), we've combined a list of everything worth doing this coming week that's not watching Bridget Jones (even the new one) or angrily bashing away at Tinder. Whether it's for a galentines or you just want an excuse to go out (alone or en masse- no one's judging). Enjoy.

Bingo Lingo: Lonely Hearts Special. 14th Feb @ Motion

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Actual Valentines themed bingo. Possibly better when drunk. "Tacky and wonderful prizes" promised along with street food and probably arguing couples who thought it would be a cute night out. Quite literally dinner and a show. Bumble buddies welcome.

BED Bristol: Peaky Blinders Valentines Special! 12th Feb @ Gravity

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Yep that's right- a Peaky Blinders themed 1920s gangster night at Gravity- blow up guns included. Join the Shelbys in your finest three-piece and flat cap for a real throwback night, with promise of an Actual Birmingham Person there to meet and greet- how could you miss that?!

Dazed – Valentines Day Special – Motion. 14th Feb @ Motion

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If bingo's not quite your scene, maybe hold off and head down to Motion a bit later for three dark sweaty rooms to lose yourself, your friends and your inhibitions all in one night. Headlined by So Solid Crew you know this is gonna be worth fighting past all the bingo-goers (bingoers?) as they leave.

Five10's Funked Up Festival Of Love-Just Jack DJ's. 14th Feb @ Love Inn

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Gloucester Road's finest are all heading to a night of old school class complete with confetti and disco balls this Wednesday. Happening across the Love Inn and Crofters Rights this is set to be a heavy night of lurve.

Valentine's Pizza Party! Propaganda Bristol! 17th Feb @ Propaganda

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Love is fleeting, pizza is forever. I really needn't say any more than that and also FREE PIZZA are you mad see you there.

Lagoon X Cult Valentines Day Dirty Disco. 14th Feb @ Lakota Bristol

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£1 entry, need I say more? Be prepared for some funk, soul, disco and groooovy house as well as some classics that come from the heart apparently.

"Who needs a date when you've got sweet sweet music playing all night long?"

Anti-Valentines Party. 17th Feb @ Steinbeck & Shaw Bristol

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Now we get onto the slightly more agro event names, but this one pips it with ticket price including a drink at the door, half price drinks throughout and then entry into Pryzm (you know, possibly the least romantic place in Bristol?) And we all know true love is 90s RnB so where else would you want to end up.

Valentine's Cinema Club – Dinner & Deadpool. 14th Feb @ Bristol Spirit

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Pizza, themed cocktails, Deadpool. If the draw of alcohol, The Best Food Ever (I've done extensive research and pizza always comes top), and Ryan Reynolds looking like an "avocado that had sex with an older avocado" and yet still looking hot doesn't get your common senses tingling then frankly I don't know what will. It has everything you need for a perfect date/mate night- romance, comedy, pegging and a token British bad guy.

Saints and Sinners Valentine's Party! 16th Feb @ Popworld

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Cheesy music? Check. Cheesy theme? Check. Cheesy fancy dress encouraged? Also check. Actual cheese? Can't confirm so maybe take your own if you're that way inclined.

Noise Test presents: BLOOD TEST. 14th Feb @ Blue Mountain

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Kicking off their new midweek night of fresh blood drawn from local talent, Noise Test are giving us the Valentines we deserve by bringing together some of the newest up and comers along with trusted faves for a banging night that's not just for the romantically minded- it's sticking around long after the flowers have died!

NBG : The Valentine Dance 'Payback' 16+. 15th Feb @ Blue Mountain

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Last but by no means least, the guys at Blue Mountain are also giving us an excuse to get back on the hair of the dog the next day, and head back down for their Payback night on Thursday. So whether you've had an ace V-day and want to keep the party going, or you've had a thoroughly shitty time of it and need to let it all out, we've got you. Bridget Jones will always be there for you come Friday morning when the hangover really starts to kick in…