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Bristol tanning salon installs anti-homeless sprinklers

Consol tanning salon have faced a huge backlash

A tanning salon in Broadmead has installed water sprinklers outside its shop to deter rough sleepers.

The automatic system comes on in the evening and drips water in the doorway which makes the area uninhabitable in such icy temperatures.

Campaigners are rallying around to stand up for the homeless community in Bristol.

ACORN Bristol even organised a 'pool party' outside the salon in protest.

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People were told to bring their snorkles, flippers and beach balls.

Consol has since agreed to meet with a homeless group to discuss the sprinklers after receiving a national backlash for their actions.

Other towns and cities have received a fierce backlash against abusing homeless people. Professor Green documented 'anti-homeless benches' in Bournemouth and injustices for the people who are living on the streets.

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@professorgreen has joined in the anti-homeless protest

While owners of the salon saw the sprinklers as the least aggressive option to dealing with the anti-social behaviour, the sub-zero temperatures make it a potentially lethal move.