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UWE’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette 2018: Nominations are now open

No likey…no lighty

It's that time of the year again, with Valentines day drawing closer, what could be a better than to nominate all of your single friends for UWE's most eligible bachelor/bachelorette? Do you know someone who still looks like a 10/10 after a scatty night out at Motion? Are they BNOC's? or simply all round hotties? Well….what are you waiting for?

To nominate a mate (or yourself), simply message a link to their profile to our Facebook page.

The humiliation doesn't end there.. the final decision on who get's crowned UWE's most eligible bachelor and bachelorette is not all down to us, we want your help to decide who should be crowned the pengest of the peng amongst UWE territory. We will be opening up the vote to the public, so get nominating your fit single pals, your lonely house mates or even yourself. No judging here.