So Solid Crew are headlining Dazed Valentines Day special event at Motion

MC Devvo is the special guest loool

Valentines day, a time of love for many or bitter singleness for others. We have a saviour, Dazed. Who endlessly supply the goods for a Tuesday night boogie have recently released their Valentines Day special line up which is their biggest yet and it is set to be a banger.

The old skwl legends that are So Solid Crew will be headlining the main room, along with support from Sweet Female Attitude (yeah the ones who made that flowers song) Shapes, Buckfast Boys Club, Frazah and others will be hitting the stage providing tunes to keep you groovin' all night long.

Not only that, but the one and only MC Devvo will be coming out of retirement for one show only as the special guest of the evening. Absolutely classic.

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Full Line Up

Deffo not one to be missed, get tickets here