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DJ Eats Everything played a set in a bakery on Stokes Croft last night

And he certainly did not disappoint

An array of Bristol's waviest garmz flocked to the streets of Stokes Croft last night in a close bid to catch a glimpse of the legendary Eats Everything. However, disappointingly for them only a lucky few could actually get tickets.

In a bakery?? Yes you heard it.

Eats Everything returned to Bristol last night for a boogie on Stokes Croft. This well-renowned DJ is used to playing to thousands of people in nightclubs, but last night he took it to a whole new level and performed an intimate set to less than a hundred people in a bakery.

The one off set was set up in support of raising money for local charities, to help people suffering from addiction and homelessness.

Among the lucky few that got to witness an unforgettable night, one UWE student told the Tab: "I am so used to seeing Eats Everything in a scatty rave when I am off my face, but last night was truly magical. The intimate setting and good vibes made it a night to remember".

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Another bakery go-er who traveled from Cardiff to see their favourite DJ told the Tab UWE: "When I saw on Facebook that Eats Everything was playing in a Bristol, Bakery I bought 3 tickets straight away, it seemed like such a laugh and a night that I wouldn't want to miss. It was definitely worth the 30 min train journey thats for sure".

A chip shop, a diner and now a bakery…. but where is next for Eats Everything?