You can now get fined £75 for dropping a cig butt on the floor

Watch out, enforcement officers about

Bristol City Council's new Clean Streets Enforcement Campaign means that you can now be fined up to £75 for throwing cigarettes, spitting out gum, and just spitting generally on the streets.

Fines are being handed out around Bristol for things we all do without even thinking twice about.

The campaign started on the 6th November, and means that there are now 'Enforcement Officers' patrolling around Bristol wearing either blue polo tops or police uniforms, handing out Fixed Penalty Notices to people who commit 'environmental crimes'.

Three UWE students, were given fixed penalty notices when they dropped their cigarette buts in Broadmead today:

"They said we have ten days to pay the reduced fine of £50, and if we can't afford that we get an extension, but we have to apply for this online and pay the normal rate of £75. It's absolutely ridiculous."

Fair enough, dropping cigarettes is something that we all know we shouldn't do, but a lot of people think that the fine is extortionate, considering that some parking fines are much lower.

Featured Photo Credit: Bristol City Council Twitter @BristolCouncil