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We rated Bristol’s best houmous so you don’t have to

Just let me dip

In my kitchen the only item that never seems to run out is houmous. We, the student population love the stuff. And why wouldn't you, you can pair the chickpea dip with pretty much anything and it'll taste amazing.

Luckily in Bristol we have plenty of options across the city for any chickpea loving people out there, so we decided to rate the best for you.

Eat a Pitta

Our store in Gloucester Road We are open 10:30 till 20:30 ??????????

A post shared by Eat a Pitta (@eatapittabristol) on Apr 22, 2016 at 2:33am PDT

For anyone who lives in city centre accommodation you have probably wondered past the Eat a Pitta store in the middle of Broadmead (and the best kind of day is when they do tasters) They specialise in their falafel pittas and boxes and certainly do not disappoint.

Locations – Stokes, City Centre, St Nicks Markets, Clifton Triangle

Personal Recommendation – Falafel box with Houmous. (£2.50 is a fucking bargain mate)

Essential Rating: Solid 6.5/ 10

Falafel King

King in the name, king of flavour. These guys do one of my favourite things to to eat in the world, the ‘falloumi’ wrap, which is fried halloumi, falafel and a whole load of salad added in. It tastes seriously good and is certifiably addictive.

Locations – Cotham Hill and the Harbourside.

Personal Recommendation – Falloumi Wrap or Pitta (Although sadly this is only available in there Cotham Store!!)

Essential Rating: Definitely 9/10

Matina Middle Easter Kitchen

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Although this one doesn't specialise in houmous, there wraps are ridiculously flavourful, both meat eaters and veggies can satisfy their houmous cravings here. These guys certainly know how to work with flavour.

Location: St Nicholas Market

Personal Recommendation

Essential Rating: 7/10 for their houmous (..9/10 for being flavour experts.)

Edna's Kitchen

Hummus deluxe #weddingcatering #chickpeas #healthyfood #dips #vegan #vegetarian #protein

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If you've been in Bristol over summer, after a chill out and some bevvies in Castle park, you may have walked past the Edna's Kitchen Kiosk. Their boxes are something that can become addictive if you've tried it.

Location – Castle Park

Personal Recommendation – Falafel Box

Essential Rating: 7/10 for flavour


Moist is sold at various markets in city, it has some crazy good flavour and is good to buy if you want to buy a pure houmous fix.

Location – Corn Street on Wednesdays, Whiteladies Road every Saturday and Tobacco Factory on Sundays.

Essential Rating: 6/10


Fancy booking a table? Give us a call on 0117 942 5671. Peace, love n hummus. #Bristol #BiblosOnTheHill

A post shared by Biblos On The Hill (@bibloshill) on Aug 29, 2016 at 11:21am PDT

These guys know how to improve a night out with our favourite chickpea snack. The Stokes store are in the ideal location for a classic late night houmous fix.

Locations – St Werburghs, Stokes Croft and festivals

Personal Recommendation – Falafel Wrap

Essential Rating: Out of ten, Bilbo's comes in with a 7/10 rating, or ten out of ten at a festival