Plans which could force Thekla to close have been approved

Work will begin next Summer

The development to build a five-storey block, including flats, offices and restaurants, has been approved as one of the last parts of Bristol’s Harbourside’s regeneration.

Thekla, being only 150 metres away from the planned development, is feared to be in jeopardy of noise complaints from the new residents, which could potentially close the club’s doors for good.

Despite concerns over potential noise complaints, Bristol City Council approved the build at Redcliffe Wharf.

Amounting press coverage from the likes of, Mix Mag, NME and artists such as Eats Everything and Lauren Aquilina over Twitter, the fight to save the beloved music venue has been making the rounds online under the hashtag #SaveThekla.

Almost 5,000 people have signed a petition calling to "Save The Thekla From Closure."

The build was approved despite there being only three affordable homes available, which is below the level laid down by the council’s policy.

The meeting, which took place on Wednesday, found the council planning committee to vote in favour of the development with votes showing 10 to 1, with Labour councillor Fabian Breckles being the only member to vote against.

Only 3 of the 36 new flats being built will be affordable, even though this goes against the council’s policy of needing 20 to 40 per cent of affordable properties within the build.

After discussion in the meeting, it was finally agreed that a sound assessment of the venue needs to take place before work begins on the new build, ensuring adequate soundproofing is installed.