Everything you need to know to survive your final year at UWE, by people who’ve done it

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You’ve entered your final year at uni and the summer euphoria has most definitely worn off. You’ve come to realise you won’t be able to live on the dregs of your student finance forever more, and the whole of the adult population seem to think you have the rest of your life planned out.

"So what do you want to do after your degree? How are you coping with all the work? How’s your dissertation going?" "I DON’T KNOW SUSAN AND I AM CURRENTLY HAVING A QUARTER LIFE CRISIS SO PLEASE JUST LET ME BE!!"

Here’s some news for you – you’re not alone in feeling the inner dread of starting your dissertation and most of us haven’t got a clue what we want to do after uni except avoid ‘adulting’ at all costs. Here is your ultimate survival guide to get you through your last year at UWE, by the people who have already done it.

First and foremost, avoid the ‘Lock In’ like the plague

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Not so chipper now hun

“Everything you loved about your standard Tuesday has been tainted and the new SU building just doesn’t compare” – Joe, 21, English Literature graduate

Gone are the days of going for a good ol’ boogie on a SUesday. They’ve been taken over by lairy freshers that are far more interested in having a fight than getting down to Sean Paul. It will not serve you well in any possible way.

Make your supervisor your BFF

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Permission to use as a template…

“Remember they are the ones marking your diss. Your fate is in their hands, so be as keen as possible” – Catriona, 22, Accounting & Finance graduate

That’s right, you’ve gotta use and abuse them to get yourself a 2:1 or even better, a First!

Really though, you better make use of that £50k debt and use the resources available. Being actively involved in your seminars and lectures will get you noticed too. Best start ass-licking!!

Get in the job market early

“Look and apply for jobs over the Christmas period when you’re at home procrastinating from revision” – Tim, 23, Business Management graduate

IF you decide you want to become a fully-fledged adult, you need to start the job hunt or graduate placement search early to increase your chances of success. So when you’re sat there with your blank flashcards, 50 highlighters and closed textbooks surrounding you, take half an hour break to make your LinkedIn profile sexy.

Good vibes only

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"In my case, gin was my best friend in final year and saved me from many mental breakdowns" – Tasha, 22, History graduate

As a wise old woman once said, “surround yourself with good people, good vibes and good wine”. Okay so it was actually my zen friend, Alice, but the point is don’t work yourself into the ground because your work will suffer for it.

Don’t freak out

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Help me x

You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do yet. NEWSFLASH: Being a recruitment consultant isn’t your only option and you’re not limited to what you chose as a degree (unless you picked a pointless subject like the social sciences…guilty).

Take the advice from our UWE veterans and most importantly…relax…allow yourself a few wonky nights at the Love Inn and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. If you want to escape to South America or Oz for a year, that's fine. If you want to go out into the big bad world and get a 'real' job, that's also fine!!