We asked people from other universities what they really think of UWE

‘Rollies, Red Stripe, and recreational’s’

The University of the West of England, otherwise known as UWE, otherwise known as the home of red stripe, the k hole and camo pants. Located in the best city in the UK (obviously), it's fair to say students at different unis are perhaps envious of the endless fun there is to be had being a UWE student. With this in mind, we decided to ask to see how jealous the other punters really are.

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“Are you really at uni to study for a sub-par degree or to use it as an excuse to go on a three-year ket binge?” – Mared, Cardiff

"It's a bit like a festival all year round, scatty as fuck but a shit ton of fun."- Julia, Manchester

“Wit, substance, talent and character- all are absent at this sprawling monolith”- James, Bristol

"Pretty sound and love getting fucking trollied. Literally in a trollie 24/7. They live in Marketgate, in a fucking trollie." – Jacob, Bimm

"I know nothing about UWE. I don’t even think I’ve heard of it"- Myles, Leeds

"They're pretentious knobs and also very middle class but like to dress lower class. They're like gentrification personified" – Georgia, UEA

"Bristol is pretty crazy so I guess you're all just like 'lets get fucked'." – Georgie, Kingston

"They’re polytechnic cunts who couldn’t get into real Bristol' – Jacob, Cardiff

“You’re probably studying something to do with the environment. Probably vegan. Probably have dreadlocks. Probably dabble in psychedelics.” – Emily, Brookes

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You say you want that spice

"People go to UWE (“the lesser of the 2 Bristol unis but the least pompous”) as an excuse to get fucked on ket 24/7. Everyone there is pretty chill though” – Tanoa, Goldsmiths

“UWE is just like a back-up uni for people from the South West” – Libby, Falmouth

"It's like your at a festival and you just want to go home for a shower." – Isabella, Plymouth

"Rollies, red stripe and recreational's"- Jade, Leeds

"You're all fuckin' druggos. Girls dress exclusively in harem pants and glitter while the boys appear to be a couple of steps behind on the evolutionary scale. To be fair you lot all seem to be have a good time" – Jonny, York