Exclusive: Paul Sinha from The Chase ended up at student after party in Manchester

It’s not every day the Sinnerman turns up at your door with your mum

‘The Sinnerman’, also known as Paul Sinha from The Chase, ended up at an after party full of students in Manchester.

Isaac Murray, a UWE student, was at the pub with his mates when his mum called to say she was having a cig with Paul Sinha at the comedy club.

Jokingly, Isaac suggested to his mum that she should bring him back to the house for an after party, little did he know he would actually turn up at the door an hour later saying “is this Isaac’s house?”

Fast forward to 4am, the Sinnerman was the last to leave, and “absolutely leathered” having spent a night chatting to students, drinking Sailor Jerry’s and “shaking a leg to Jolene”.

Absolute lad

Isaac, a second year geography student, told The Tab UWE: “It was last orders at the pub and my friends and I were drinking. I called my mum to ask if I could have people over, and mid convo she asked if I wanted to speak to the Sinnerman – obviously I said yes.”

Isaac continued: “I can’t really remember how the conversation went. I was bladdered – what do you say when you’re on the phone to the chaser who’s having a cig with your mum? I just remember being like ‘Alright mate, how’s it going? After Isaac spoke to him he jokingly text his mum telling her to bring him over.

To Isaac’s surprise the Sinnerman actually turned up. “When I got back from the pub I just heard somebody behind me saying ‘Is this Isaac’s house?’ I turned around and it was him getting out of a taxi, bearing in mind the comedy club he was at was a five minute walk around the corner.”

When the reality sunk in that the Sinnerman was in his house, Isaac said that he felt like he had been “chased by the chaser”. After everybody else had left, the Sinnerman was there until 4am ‘absolutely leathered’.

This isn’t the the first time Sinnerman has proven he loves to party. Only six months ago he ended up at a Birmingham student’s house for an afters too . It’s no secret that he can’t stop chasing the sesh.