A UWE graduate’s dad’s video has gone viral after he filmed the wrong girl at graduation

They can never get it quite right

Graduation is the day you and your parents have been waiting for pretty much your whole life. Whoever takes on the role as a photographer has the most pressure to get your new profile pic and insta story boomerangs.

However for Georgia Wilde who was graduating from her Film Making degree at UWE, her dad accidentally filmed the wrong girl as they walked down the aisle at the ceremony at Bristol cathedral .

In the video, which has gone completely viral on Twitter, you can see all of the graduates walking down, as her dad is filming Georgia’s sister can be heard hinting that the girl he is videoing is not his actually his daughter. Georgia then walks past pointing out his error and laughing.

You can then hear her dad cracking up whilst apologising and saying:"I got carried away" and "I was looking at the wrong one" what an absolute hero.

Ironically Georgia was graduating from her Film Making course, we had a chat with her about the classic Dad error. Georgia told The Tab UWE: "My overall reaction to the whole thing is pretty well summed up in the video, my Dad and I have just found the whole the whole thing so funny, as you can hear in the video. My friends are all so shocked with how much it has blown up."

"He actually surprisingly got plenty of other good footage of the ceremony to be fair so he didn’t need to make it up to me."

Deffo made up for it

Deffo made up for it

"The viral thing is probably what’s most mad about it all, I’m still gaining twitter followers by the day."