Slug & Lettuce are making a Pornstar Martini that holds an entire bottle of Prosecco

Just one for me please

Ever had a cocktail and felt as though you’ve been sold short when it comes to the ratio of alcohol to mixer? Well, not anymore.

The Slug & Lettuce in the city centre will be upgrading their regular pornstar martini this season, swapping out the usual single shot of bubbly for something a bit more thirst quenching. The new ‘sharing version’ will include a generous amount of prosecco, and when we say generous, we mean the whole bottle. Turn UP.

Your standard Pornstar Martini

A pornstar martini is usually concocted using Absolut vanilla vodka, passionfruit puree, syrup and liqueur with prosecco served in a shot on the side. However, the ingenious idea brought to you by Slug & Lettuces’ over the UK will be trading the usual single shot for a whole bottle. I can hear the jubilant cheers of my ancestors. Unfortunately, the cocktail won’t be apart of the 2-4-1 deal, but there will be a range of new drinks available and whilst the price hasn’t yet been confirmed, it’s said to be around the £30 mark.

Coming soon!🍸🍾The amazing GIANT Pornstar Martini sharer, served with a whole bottle of Prosseco!!!😍🍸🌟Tag a friend who you would share this beauty with! 🌟🍸🍾💃🕺🏻

Posted by Slug & Lettuce Bristol Harbourside on Sunday, April 23, 2017

Though if you’re planning to ransack your nearest S&L after reading this article, it’s yet to be released, with the launch date being May 10th along with a new drinks menu and food but we all know what we’re going to be heading down for.

The Slug & Lettuce (located just off St. Nicks Market) will be hosting a showcase for their new star on the 17th May. More details can be found on the S&L Facebook page.

Time to form an orderly queue…