Love Saves The Day apologises for ‘poorly thought-out’ balloon stunt

They released balloons with tickets attached from Clifton Suspension Bridge

Love Saves The Day have released a statement today due to a promotional stunt for this year’s festival which went disastrously wrong.

They released “approx 25-35” balloons from the Clifton Suspension Bridge yesterday which “had a piece of paper attached to them offering a ticket to anyone who found one”.

Bristol Post reported a hundred balloons with 100 tickets attached were released from the bridge.

Locals and activists in the area complained the balloons released had a damaging impact on the environment.

People complained the balloons were extremely harmful to birds and marine life, as people on Twitter were quick to point out.

Love Saves the Day replied to tweets confirming the balloons were “bio-degradable”, however people were quick to defend that all balloons are bad for the environment.

Their full response and apology read: “We would just like to apologise for our poorly thought-out balloon stunt yesterday.  We didn’t intend to offend or upset, or to litter the fine city of Bristol – it was simply an attempt to provide a bit of light-hearted fun to our marketing efforts.

“We purposefully used biodegradable balloons, twine and paper in an effort to prevent any environmental damage, however we now realise that this still wasn’t the wisest option.

“We have learnt from all the feedback today and won’t be repeating this mistake in future.”

LSTD told The Tab they have increased their environmental awareness campaigns for this year’s festival including food wastage plans.

They said: “We are heavily involved in numerous sustainable actions both within and outside of the festival.  These include our Love Saves Tomorrow scheme, Litterati, Energy Revolution and food waste management procedures at the festival.

“We release information about these across our socials throughout our campaign, and we are more than willing to provide further information and statistics about each one on request.  Sustainability is something we take really seriously and work really hard to always improve.”