We asked SU election candidates revealing questions, the Ahmd Emara edition

First his Tinder, now this

Last week we revealed that Ahmd (the current SU president) was using Tinder for his campaign. If that wasn’t hot enough, we’ve come back to find out more about him, and even how many people he’s slept with. Read on for more.

Ahmd Emara- re-running for President

The Tab: Hey Ahmd, can you run us through your pledges as you re-run for president?

Ahmd: ‘So basically this year I am re-running for elections because I want to build in success, use my experience from last year and get more things done as I know better now how to go about doing things! The difference between me and any other candidate if re-elected is that I will be starting to work for next year from my following day of re-election and not from July and also I won’t be spending few months to understand how things work and gather what’s going around! I have mentioned in my manifesto this year what I have been up to since my previous elections and what I intend to do if re-elected so people can have a clear road map and clear understanding.’

Ahmd’s Tinder profile

Nice one. What would your favourite club in Bristol be to go for a night out?

‘I like SWX, Ramshackle, Pams and of course the Lock in.’

And in regards to your ‘fro, how long have you been growing it out for?

‘More than two years.’

As current president, I’m sure you get a lot of attention from the ladies. Can you tell us how many people you’ve slept with?

‘I don’t know if that would be appropriate to put in a news article or not!’

We were unable to get any further answers out of Ahmd until it was too late…