We asked Jennifer Berwick, running for VP Societies and Communications, some revealing questions

She is currently the Pole Dancing President

With competition hotting up we’ve got our first girl in the line up, and we didn’t hold up on the invasive questions.

Jennifer Berwick- Running for Vice President of Societies & Communication

The Tab: Could you briefly sum up your pledges and what you wish to achieve as the role of VP for socs and comms?

Jennifer: ‘Okay .. I’m absolutely behind Olivia’s idea of improving inter- society collaboration. She’s done a great job introducing the requirement for societies to work with other societies in order to win society of the year and I want to push this further to try and reach more people. The SU is all about positively impacting the life of every student and I want to work with societies to help make this happen. Short enough?’

Shortest one we’ve had, thank you! What made you apply for the role? Were you inspired by someone/something?

‘Well actually (I feel a bit big headed admitting this) but the SU sent me a postcard at Christmas recommending I apply to run in the elections – someone had nominated me as they thought I’d be good at the role. So I gave it some thought and decided I have loved my time as Pole Dancing President and VP and if I had the opportunity to do what I have been doing for my members on a bigger platform for more students then that would be time well spent!’

Pole dancing! We bet you have abs of steel. We should’ve joined back when they were offering free booty shorts…

‘Abs of steel, lats and biceps to make any gym rat jealous. You can still join and get free shorts!’

So after a hard day of campaigning, where would your ideal spot be to wind down/ turn up?

‘Well campaigning isn’t my strong point, I’m not about getting in people’s way all day but I do love to spend my evenings in the Pole studio or the gym! Nothing better than lifting something heavy to relax in my opinion.’

Could you tell me what the craziest thing you’ve done in uni so far is? Do you have any wild stories from your time at UWE?

‘Oh God. I think maybe going on Tour to Salou in 2014 and crowd surfing across Pacha night club in Barcelona was probably one of my best moments as a UWE student!’

Probably at Lock-In

So, can you tell us an interesting fact about you?

‘Over the summer I get to work with a good friend of mine, Gem Heywood, at the newest World Wide Pole Event “Pole World” where I get to hang out with, interview and look after the international Pole Stars who attend the event to teach workshops. Which means once a year I get to fan girl like a 12-year-old over my Pole Idols and makes me very happy. Last year I got to hug one of our Pole Idols whilst she was topless which was hilariously awkward as her boob job is insane. Pole girls love to share!’

Fancy telling us how many people you’ve slept with?

‘I don’t keep tabs. I’ve got a boyfriend now who I’m really happy with so we can start counting now: 1!’

A very diplomatic answer, has someone beaten me to the question?

‘Born politician. Just kidding, I want to be a teacher!’

Name a song that best describes you. And what would the name of your debut album be?

‘Can’t feel my face by The Weeknd as I’m always smiling and making people around me smile and laugh! And for my debut album, Life is better upside down! Definitely! One of the best Pole Dance quotes ever.’

Is a jaffa cake a biscuit or a cake?

‘It’s definitely a cake as a cake goes hard when it goes off and the bottom of Jaffa cakes go hard when they’ve been out a while. However, I wouldn’t throw a cake in the bin but I’ll make an exception for a Jaffa cake!’

Ditto. Thanks for answering, we’re still in the process of prising out answers from other cautious candidates.

‘Ahh that’s crap! Probably because they’re all campaigning and I’m sat in the SU Bar.’

Did someone order a legend? Best of luck in the elections Jennifer.