Ahmd Emara disqualified from the SU elections

The most scandalous election race in UWE history

Today is the last day of voting in the SU elections, and Ahmd Emara has been suspended from running for SU president less than 24 hours before voting closes. Currently the reigning president, he has requested that the voting process be suspended until an investigation can take place.

Comments on his status have garnered  support, and suggestions that he was currently in the lead and a favourite to win.


The Students’ Union has released a statement regarding the withdrawal of candidates for breaching protocol in a joint decision with the NUS. In the event you’ve already voted for one the two candidates who have been withdrawn, your second choice candidate will instead be counted.

We reached out to Ahmd for a statement:

“Today I was informed by the Deputy Returning Officer that I was disqualified from the election. Throughout my campaign I have acted honestly and always in good faith. There appears to others who are attempting to undermine the democratic process. I have a clear mandate and strong support. I have been working closely with the DRO his team to resolve the matter. I am working tirelessly to ensure that I can remain on the ballot. I have every confidence that my appeal will be upheld. I am also receiving legal advice and may issue proceedings without further notice. I would like to thank my team who continue to work exceedingly hard and the student electorate remain patient. I will continue to use every democrat resource at my disposal to ensure I am returned to the ballot. Watch this space for further comment.”

We will update our readers as soon as we know more.