Avon and Somerset Police have made a really creepy video where they’ve reconstructed teen nudes

We get the message but wow

Sadly, the world is a very creepy place. Upon hearing the word ‘creepy’, most would think of the person they had to block on Tinder, or liberal hands in a club, or even the person who keeps asking to be added to the Whatsapp group. Significantly fewer, however, would think about the police.

In a campaign to make the internet safer for teens, Avon and Somerset Police have released a video on Youtube called ‘Don’t Bare Then Share’ about sexting and sending nudes.  The video features two images, made to look like Snapchats, in what appears to be a teenage girl, almost naked and in a seductive pose.

Obviously, the images have been made blurry, but they still suggest that a teenage girl is posing seductively for the viewer.

The video goes on to show pictures of schoolchildren, looking at a phone and appearing shocked.

The weird images of schoolchildren don’t stop there, with a large group shown laughing at what we imagine is a phone showing the image.

After even more images of children, the video suggests that nudes could fall into the hands of a ‘Bully? Blackmailer?’ or ‘Worse?’

Although it offers an important message, the video is cringe, difficult to watch and genuinely creepy. The fact that someone was actually paid to make reconstruction naked pictures of teenage girls isn’t what comes to mind when someone says ‘good police work’.

Here’s the video: