45 percent of UWE students take ketamine

What would your mothers say?

Earlier this year, The Tab’s drug survey collected data from 11,000 students, about what people are taking, how often and why. No one at UWE was surprised when it was found that UWE was the country’s druggiest uni, with 92% of students admitting to having used drugs (sorry Motion).

However, it will come as a surprise to find that UWE is a mere sixth place when it comes to ketamine use, finishing behind our rivals Bristol.

When questioned about ketamine use, an anonymous UWE student said: ‘Ket is brilliant because a little goes a long way, and there’s no better way to get a bit weird at an aftersesh than k. We’ve all done weird shit on it, but it’s worth it and it’s brilliant fun.’

Lol Warwick