All the reasons why Bristol is better than London in every single way

It’s like London, but more chill

Well known for the strong accent, Banksy, hipsters and a nice bridge, Bristol is by far the best city in the UK – fact. It was even voted as one of the top ten cities to live in the whole world last year.

Although most flock to London, they’re missing a trick not moving over to the southwest. It’s more chill, the people are friendlier and this small city has everything and more to offer plus more than the capital.

Here’s every reason why Brizzle is the place to be.

Everyone in Bristol is friendly, and not a prick

Maybe it’s something in the water, but everyone in Bristol is super nice. People enjoy speaking to one another in Bristol, they move down the bus without you having to yell at them, people even say please and thank you! There’s a major community spirit across Bristol per BS postcode, it’s like one big family.

Park Street

You would’ve definitely got the bus up from College Green to the top of Park Street at least once in your life because of how steep it is – no shaming here. But, there is nothing more satisfying than walking up past the Banksy of the man hanging out of the window, past Nandos (where you start to really feel the burn), past the shop with the lil sausage dog in it, past Jack selling the Big Issue to finally reach the peak of the mountain at Jamie Oliver’s.

Not only does the Wills Memorial building look even more epic up close than it did from the bottom of the street, but you can turn around and look across the whole of Bristol. Well worth it.

Plus, let’s not forget two summers ago there was a slide running down it. Don’t get that in London, do ya.

There is a strong Bristol alumni

In Bristol we have some pretty famous residents, most notoriously graffiti artist Banksy, Massive Attack, Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams and let’s not forget Skins was filmed here to name a few. But that’s not forgetting the most legendary human to grace Bris, the recently departed DJ Derek.

The Harbourside Market

Want some freshly baked focaccia? A new Tibetan blanket? Wavy garms, second hand books, chilli sauce or handmade jewellery? The Harbourside market is the place to be on the weekend to find yourself a bargain from local traders. Accompanied by buskers, the occasional stag and hen do running round in fancy dress and a pint in their hand, it’s good vibes only, and you don’t have to trek across the city to get to it.

…And the Harbourside in general

No words needed (except Under the Stars is a prime drinking hole in the summer).

The Wills Memorial Building

Some might say it’s better looking than the Shard. I probs would.

Sometimes there are Gromit and Shaun the Sheep statues everywhere

80 Gromit statues in 2014 and 120 Shaun the Sheep statues in 2015 were individually designed and dotted around the city and raised over three million pounds for the children’s hospitals. This led to a summer of Gromit and Shaun trails, raking in the tourism – even us locals loved it. Some of them were classic. 

St Nicks Market

The falafel van, the Moroccan, Pie Minister, the juice van – it’s probs impossible to pick a favourite.

The Clifton Suspension Bridge

Tell me a bridge that’s better looking than the Clifton Suspension? Go on, I dare you. Whether you’re driving under it, walking over it, taking a Snapchat by the observatory or admiring the view from the White Lion terrace, the Clifton Suspension Bridge is beaut. If you haven’t Instagrammed it, can you even call yourself a true Bristolian?

It’s 150-years old-and still looks amazing. Even better when it’s lit up with fireworks, giving the NYE London Eye show a run for its money.

The nightlife

Bristol has some of the best nightlife and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Whether you want cocktails round the Harbourside, a pub crawl hitting up The Old Duke and Apple Bar (two ciders and you’ll be wobbling), a cringe night at Mbargo or a big one at Motion, Lakota or The Love Inn where renowned DJs come to play, there is something for everyone. Brizzle is also home to two legendary festivals, Love Saves The Day and Tokyo World.

Clifton Village

The ideal place to bring your parents or friends when they’re visiting, Clifton is cute AF and gives off the Chelsea of Bristol feel, but less pretentious. Munch at Primrose Cafe, Saffron, Boston Tea Party and Spicer + Coal for a guaranteed banging brunch, Clifton Village Fish and Chips, Thali Cafe, The Ivy Clifton Brasserie (if you’re going all out) or the Giggling Squid for dins, followed by a pub crawl voyaging from the White Lion, Cori Tap, The Mall and The Albion.

The Bristol Balloon Fiesta

If you book a holiday in summer over the first two weeks of August, you’ve made a big, big mistake. Every year Bristol is lit up with over 150 hot air balloons crossing the skies setting off from Ashton Court. For four days, Bristolians ascend en masse to Clifton for sunrise and sunset to sit on balconies, in pubs, the observatory and the park to sit with some bevs and watch the balloons fly over. Any pics are a guaranteed double digit Instagram banger.

Everything is so colourful

Like this graffiti that was on the side of the Masonic pub

It’s not just colour, we have world-famous art on the side of buildings

And look at the Lido

And Hotwells, obviously

Our students are better as well

With 50,000 students in Bristol and rent that doesn’t quite suck the life out of everything, Bristol it’s a jolly place. Come summer time, every pub in Clifton and Bishopston is full of people worshipping the sun and drinking pints, and the mood can’t be matched. Students are a pain sometimes, but they do help us enjoy ourselves.

Plus it’s a rite of passage for students in Bristol to Instagram a Banksy within hours of arriving in the city, something that shows just how keen they are to fit in here.