UWE’s Maddest Fresher: the third nominee

It gets more mental by the day

The third of our mental freshers is no disappointment when it comes to partying. Being at UWE we know he knows what he’s doing, but he seems to surpass many of the best of us when it comes to revelry.

George Spearey


My man on the right

22 year-old George is a little older than most of his colleagues in Walls Court, and believes that this experience helps him maintain his lead as the maddest fresher. He studies Marketing, but says he goes out a ‘minimum of four nights a week more likely five minimum really’, so we doubt he attends lectures that often.

George told us ‘the mentalist thing I done’ was to bring back a prostitute from Stokes Croft to his flat on Frenchay Campus. George insisted: ‘just to make it clear i was not intending on shagging her just giving some life advice let’s just say’. Apparently, when they arrived at his and he began to sober up, he thought ‘what the fuck am I doing’ and tried to convince her to leave. She had already produced ‘certain drug paraphernalia’, and taken off some clothing, and being a woman who goes home with men for money tried to demand payment. Security were eventually called, and George was made to foot the bill for her journey to Southmead hospital.

When asked why he deserved the title of ‘UWE’s Maddest Fresher’ George told us that upon arriving at UWE, he took the only others he could find to Motion immediately, then proceeded to have a two day bender, all whilst people were arriving with their discerning parents. One can only imagine the look on the Surrey mothers’ faces when they saw ‘this absolutely hideous looking guy off his face’ the morning they dropped off their children.

George told us, his friends think his stories are ‘mental’, and believes his proudest moment at UWE is yet to come.

He describes Motion as a ‘normal’ night and his favourite club is Lakota.


Know someone madder then George? Message the Tab UWE and nominate your friends here.