More bikes have been stolen from Marketgate

It last happened at Christmas

It has emerged that another bike has been stolen from the bike storage at Marketgate halls.

After a break in over Christmas where multiple bikes were stolen at once, it appears that robberies are still occurring.

After The Tab spoke to Unite Students and asking about what they are doing about the issue we were told: “After the incident in the new year we have changed the codes for the lock on the door and new CCTV has been installed. Following this incident a meeting has been arranged with my security supervisor later on today. We are reviewing the CCTV footage at the moment and any evidence will be handed to the police. We are going to have a discussion about how to improve the security of the bike storage and see if there is anything else we can do to stop this from happening again.”

Jack Cottle from Somerset is the latest victim of the crime, after his bike, worth £400, was stolen from the designated storage area even though it was locked up.


Jack’s post on the Marketgate Facebook page

This again raises the question of what Unite should be doing to protect student from theft.