Bristol stands against Trump

And what a turn out it was.

Despite the rain and mud, hundreds of people from around Bristol and the surrounding areas gathered at College Green in protest of Trump after he recently called a “Muslim ban”, resulting in banning migrants from seven different Middle- Eastern countries from going to America. It was a humbling sight as College Green filled up with anti – Trump protesters all showing their support.  As the whole crowd chanted “fuck Donald Trump” it was clear that Bristol was a strong opposition for the new president.

The Tab spoke to a couple of people about why they were at the march and their opinion of Trump:



“I’m here tonight to help build the resistance against Trump and to make solidarity with the people protesting in the United States. Obviously concerns are for the people of the United States first but it also concerns the rest of the world especially since Theresa May has been over there. We can only expect worse things to come from Trump. I want to try and encourage people to get involved from the turn out we are building a resistance which is really good.”

“I think that he has no idea what he is doing and should not be the president of the United States, he shouldn’t even be the CEO of a business”



“Trump’s victory has caused an absolute uproar across the world, and has ultimately made America’s global power a laughing stock. I believe this marks a revolution and see Trump as the catalyst to bring the opposition together to stand for what we believe in”


Why are you here this evening?

“I’ve been anti- racist all of my life and I am absolutely appalled at what Donald Trump intends to do, not just to build a wall but his racist attitude towards Islamic people/ Muslims. I think that he is a very dangerous man and that he is going to give credence to the far-right of Britain and across the world. I’m here to show my opposition to it, I’ve had my own life threatened by racism many years ago and I know how evil they can be. It’s interesting when he says “America First” because the racist group in Britain go “Britain First” and I don’t want those to grow in Great Britain, so that’s why I’m here.”



“Because Donald Trump is a c*nt”