UWE’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Round 4

Here it is

Just one more round to go until our final on Thursday.

Ross Howard:


Course: second year Finance and Accounting

From: Canterbury

Single for: 1 year 2 months

Best chat up line: “Fancy coming back for a coffee and a cuddle?” (Submitted by a friend).

Kristian Sharp:


Course: second year Entrepreneurship

From: Northamptonshire

Single for: 10 months

Best chat up line: “You know you have the most amazing eyes.”

Ben Richards:


Course: third year Business and Marketing

From: Poole

Single since: “before dinosaurs became extinct”

Best chat up line: “You remind me of my pinky toe, small, cute, and I’ll probably bang you on my coffee table later.”

Josh Sage: 


Course: third year English Literature

From: Bridgend

Single since: “that one time at band camp”

Best chat up line: “I may not go down in history but I’ll go down on you.”