UWE’s most eligible bachelor round 3

It’s the final countdown

We’re even closer to our all important final now, so here’s round 3 of the boys.

Brett Barton:


Course: Accounting and Finance second year

From: Reading

Single since: birth

Best chat up line: “are you a cigarette? Because you’re smoking hot and I want your butt in my mouth” (submitted by a friend).

Jack Tubby:


Course: Media, Culture and Practice first year

From: London

Single since: forever

Best chat up line: “what’s the difference between me and a sofa bed? A sofa bed pulls out” (submitted by a friend).

Dyfan Tinnuche:


Course: Human Geography second year

From: Swansea

Single for: over ten years

Best chat up line: “Do you have any Welsh in you? Would you like some?” (Submitted by a friend).

Alex Masters:


Course: third year Animation

From: Newquay

Best chat up line: “Wasson” (submitted by a friend).