UWE’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Round two

Ladies and gents, form an orderly queue

With the winner of round one fairly obvious (we’ll tell you later) it’s time to move on to the second round of our most eligible bachelor competition. With life-changing glory at stake every vote counts, so make sure to share this with your friends and vote, vote, vote.

Here goes:

Danny Butlin


Year: Second

Course: Accounting and Finance

From: Chichester

Single for: About four months.

Spencer Willerton

Year: Second

Course: Property Development and Planning

From: Ealing

Best chat up line: “Sit on my face and I’ll eat my way to your heart” (submitted by a friend on his behalf).

Matt Ichim


Year: First

Course: Law

From: Pembrokeshire

Single for: Three years

James Reynolds


Year: First

Course: Business and Entrepreneurship

From: the Midlands

Best chat up line: “Is your name coursework? Because I should be doing you right now” (submitted by a friend on his behalf).

Single for: One year.