Bristol has officially been named the ‘most inspirational’ city in the UK

And fourth in the world

Anyone that lives in Bristol knows we’re lucky to be surrounded by such a unique and vibrant culture. Every night of the week there’s something going on – from storytelling nights in a cave and poetry slams, to a year-round line-up of brilliant exhibitions at the multitude of  Bristol art spaces and museums.


Classic bridge picture

A travel company, TravelBird, put together a list of 85 notable cities from around the world, and ranked them in order of how ‘inspirational’ they were based on their levels of “creativity, romance, culture, and innovation.”


Out of these cities, Bristol ranked fourth in the world, and beat out other British cities such as Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester and London.

Miami came out on top overall, followed by Bruges, San Francisco and Bristol. The criteria for ranking culture, creativity, and the creative industry focused on what facilities were available, such as: performing arts companies, art schools, the film industry, music production, art galleries, and museums. To look at innovation, the number of new businesses and start-ups in the area were measured.

To get an idea of the romantic inspiration of the city, Google searches were analysed for how often romantic inspiration in the city was sought after. These figures were all divided to take into account the size of the city and be representative of every 10’000 citizens. The ranking even takes into account season – Bristol being more inspirational in the summer than the winter.


Getting political in Stokes Croft

With Bristol being ranked European Green Capital in 2015, and home to a constant stream of great initiatives that host talks, workshops, and events like the Festival of Ideas, Food Connections, Harbor Festival, and many more working to encourage debate and culture in the city.


Bristol hosting BBC Food and Farming Awards 2016

It’s no surprise that Bristol is gaining recognition for its brilliance.

You can see the full rankings here.