UWE ski trip price goes up £35 because of Brexit

Blame UKIP

As years go, 2016 hasn’t been a good one for news. First Prince, then Brexit, and the evening before Donald Trump became POTUS, UWE Ski Society were stabbed in the back.

As they prepared for Rise Festival and therefore getting hammered, they received an email that turned everything on its head:

Cheers Farage

Cheers Farage.

Rise went on to give an explanation of the rise in fees:

Fuck off with your maths

£350m a week.

Although it would be easy to blame Rise here, it’s probably best that Boris shoulders this one.

We spoke to Ellie who’s going on the trip for her opinion:

“I don’t think it’ll actually effect the trip, but it is annoying considering it already costs quite a lot of money for a poor student. Worth it though.”

35 steps further from this

35 steps further from this.

The organisers behind Rise sent the Tab a statement regarding the price changes: “Due to the effects of Brexit and therefore fluctuation of currency rates Rise Festival has added a minimal additional charge to ticket holders to match the inflation of the ski lift pass and ensure the event continues to take place (in the majority of cases this is 20 GBP but at a max 35 GBP depending on packages).

“Rise is a truly independent and homegrown event and the team has been working hard over the past six months to try and minimise the effect of this impact for ticket holders, absorbing the majority of costs. Although this charge is something the festival has tried very hard to avoid, the consequences of Brexit are out of their control.

” All surcharged customers have been contacted and we really appreciate the understanding received so far.”

Rise Festival

Rise Festival