UWE’s summer ball costs twice as much as University of Bristol’s

It’s being held at the SU

The SU has revealed this year’s Summer Ball will cost between £35 and £45, with an extra £5 charge for the after-party at SWX.

There are a limited number of £35 tickets, as well as a £45 VIP package that includes a drink, quicker entry and a separate area.

Ticket-holders will get to enjoy performances by Kurupt FM and a string quartet, but attendees must pay extra for food. The Facebook page gives no mention as to whether or not the “bubbly reception” includes a free drink.

You won't see any nice outdoor marquees like this at our Summer Ball this year

You won’t see any nice outdoor pictures like this from our Summer Ball this year

To add insult to injury, the UWE ball is twice the price of that of the University of Bristol, which includes free food, champagne, music and activities, as well as being held at an outside venue. UWE’s Summer Ball is being held at the SU.

Early bird Bristol tickets are selling for £20, with the rest of the tickets priced at £25.

Third year student Oliver Ross wrote on Facebook: “£40 to go to the SU for the summer ball. Seriously? It’s the SU. Ridiculously over-priced.” He told the Tab: “If it was similarly priced to last year’s event or other events it would be okay, but it’s a whole £10 more expensive.”

The Tab has approached the SU President for comment but he’s yet to respond.