A strange error message appeared on the myUWE website today when "ISIS" was used as the acronym for the Student Record System.

Bizarre myUWE error message uses ‘ISIS’ acronym for Student Record System

The message appeared on deadline day

A strange error message appeared on the myUWE website today when “ISIS” was used as the acronym for the Student Record System.

The error appeared on deadline day – as if it couldn’t get any worse – and prompted mass confusion among freshers hoping to submit assignments.

The full message read: Service unavailable. The Student Record System (ISIS) is temporarily unable to provide this service. Please try again later.”

Isaac Thrower posted the message on the UWE Freshers Facebook page with the comment “You know things are bad when ISIS take over the UWE page on Deadline day” and quickly attracted over 500 likes.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 18.58.33We’re not suggesting UWE is part of a shadowy organisation funding terrorism, but on the Freshers page everyone can dream.

Maybe UWE should consider changing the service name to “Daesh” instead.