The SU bar has a toilet that makes electricity out of your wee

If you use it, urine for a treat

In the greatest scientific breakthrough of our times, UWE and Oxfam researchers have teamed up to create an electricity-generating toilet.

Cleaner than the toilets at Reading and Leeds Festival...

Cleaner than the toilets at Reading and Leeds Festival…

The newly installed “pee-power” toilet can be found by the SU bar, and promises to use your urine to produce electricity.

Unfortunately only men are able to use the toilet and enjoy having their urine feed microbial fuel cell stacks, though girls could try to use the toilet if they have a Shewee.

A confusing sign posted on the toilet warns: “If you do use the urinal in error, you will be unable to remove your urine”. So it’s pretty much like every other urinal you’ve ever used.

Dont be shy..

Dont be shy..

The enviromentally friendly prototype has been created to see if they could be used to light cubicles throughout international refugee camps.

Andy Bastable, Head of Water and Sanitation at Oxfam, said: “Oxfam is an expert at providing sanitation in disaster zones. Living in a refugee camp is hard enough without the added threat of being assaulted in dark places at night. The potential of this invention is huge.”

A poster on the side of the cubicle tells potential pissers: “In some countries woman risk rape when going to the toilet.”

Guys, you can't remove your urine ok?

Guys, you can’t remove your urine okay?

The Tab gave the special urinal a quick once-over and on closer inspection the cubicle is far cleaner than the outdoor toilets you usually see. It doesn’t smell like roses, but it’s not like the boy’s toilets do normally anyway.