Girl knocked out in the middle of Park Street in random attack

She was attacked by a group of blokes after a night out at V Shed

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An innocent female student was knocked unconscious by a random man after trying to help her friend.

On November 11th, gap year student Becky Low was enjoying a night out with three friends when she was beaten in the middle of Park Street.

The group were walking to their pre-booked taxi on Park Street after a night at V Shed when they noticed they were being followed by a group of men.

The men, who followed them from outside one of the street’s bars, started hurling abuse at them in Portuguese, which they only understood because one of Becky’s friends speaks the language fluently.


They crossed the road to avoid a confrontation, telling the gang they “didn’t want any trouble”.

But the two girls turned around to see their two male friends on the floor surrounded by the troublemakers.

Becky told The Tab: “They were both on the floor with four or five guys stood around them.

“They hadn’t even done anything.”

Where the attack happened

Where the attack happened

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Becky and her friend ran over to help the boys up and the gang dispersed, all except one.

But one guy was hiding behind a nearby parked car and when Becky tried to help her friend up, he swung a punch so hard at her that she was knocked unconscious.

She continued: “I don’t even remember it happening.

“One minute I was trying to help the boys and the next second I was lying on the ground, surrounded by the police and ambulance crew.”

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The attacker ran off and Becky’s friends gathered round her to wait for the ambulance.

Becky was taken to the BRI and diagnosed with moderate concussion.

The police were contacted at the scene and are looking into ID’s used at clubs on Park Street.

The group were males all mid to late 20s and the attacker was said to have curly brown hair, an olive complexion and a low neck white T shirt on.

If anyone has any information regarding the attackers, please contact the Avon and Somerset Police.