Frenchay kiss: Porn film shot on UWE campus

Sordid sex vid features boobs on a bench and a blowjob on a bus

A porn video starring UWE’s Frenchay campus has been released on Pornhub.

Johnny Rockard and Xzena

Johnny Rockard and Xzena

The video features porn ‘star’ Xzena:

  • Giving a blowjob first at a bus stop and then on a bus into Bristol city centre
  • Fingering herself on some steps
  • Heading back to her elderly co-stars house to be “dominated” and “trashed”

uwe bus stop arrow

The POV film was made by local adult film maker Johnny Rockard who’s been in the business for a whopping 40 years.


He told the Tab: “Historically lots of porn performers have come from Bristol. There’s lots of talent, and it’s very accessible in terms of transport routes.”

17 c

And despite claiming Xzena is a UWE student, she’s actually a porn actress who was pretending to be a student on the Frenchay campus where the film was shot.

site screenshot

The early stages of the film see Rockard scouting out potential mates on campus, he opens by saying “Right, here I am at the University of the West of England today.”

Scouting: Rockhard captured his tour of campus

Scouting: Rockard captured his tour of campus on a handheld camera

“I’m looking around really for a girl who, er, wants to earn some money.”

He meets Xzena and takes her to a park bench where he lifts up her top, fondles her breasts and tells her: “Now that, is a rack and a half. That’s nice innit.”

"A rack and a half"

“A rack and a half”

From there Xzena is seen sucking off the elderly pornographer at a bus stop on campus and whilst on a bus heading into the centre of Bristol.


Later in the sordid sex vid Xzena heads back to Johnny’s house for a sadomasochist sex session in which we finally see the wizened lothario’s face (and, unfortunately, body).

Bizarrely this isn’t the first time Johnny’s used a uni connection in one of his productions.

In September the Tab Bristol reported on a film by Rockard filmed in and around Tyndall Avenue and St. Michael’s Hill featuring “horny Anglo-Asian student Kiki”.

Kiki starred in Rockard's last uni production

Kiki starred in Rockard’s last uni production

That film also featured al fresco fellatio, an actress masquerading as a student and claimed that Kiki took part in “a gang bang at Johnny Rockard HQ”.

If this hasn’t been enough to put you off, you can watch the video here.

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