Clubbers of the week

I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

Popworld Preston is the best bad club in the country

No one can resist a Partini

Clubbers of the week

Gettin’ jiggy wit it

Preston couples spend more on Valentine’s Day than anyone else

We’re the most generous people in the UK on V Day

UCLan is one of the top UK unis for students with sugar daddies

There are over 300 ‘sugar babies’ at UCLan

Clubbers of the week

You drink, we judge

Clubbers of the week

This is for my ravers

I took over my friend’s Tinder to try to get him a date

Are girls better at talking to girls than boys?

Clubbers of the week

Back to school special

Why you should join The Tab UCLan next term

One of us, one of us

UCLan student uses fake blood to protest tampon tax outside Parliament

It made a bloody big statement

Meet the UCLan student with 12.5K Instagram followers

She also has 80,000 blog readers

Clubbers of the week

Thriller nights

What’s the weirdest thing you’re afraid of?

We got some strange answers

Clubbers of the week

Shawty got low

Evoque held a lingerie fashion show over the weekend

Good looking people wearing very little

Clubbers of the week

Like the Oscars, but for clubbing

I ate nothing but fast food for one week

I very nearly got sick of chips

Clubbers of the week

You drink, we judge