Preston couples spend more on Valentine’s Day than anyone else

We’re the most generous people in the UK on V Day

According to data from Worldpay, lovers in Preston will be spending more money for Valentine’s Day than anyone else in the UK. We’ll spend £53 per person on gifts, that’s not including if you’re going to be taken out for a luxurious meal. This is compared to the national average of £45.

What would they be spending this kind of cash on?

If you’re going down the traditional route of flowers, any other day you might be spending around £25 or so on a small bouquet of flowers (we are students after all), but data suggests that those who do buy flowers on V Day will spend an average of £50 for a bunch.

Generous lovers

Generous lovers

A decent bottle of wine will cost you around £10, depending on how many bottles you’re wanting to buy… but let’s be honest, who really spends more than £5 on a bottle of wine?

But what could you spend that money on in Preston? Considering the unhealthy reputation of our high street, how about taking up KFC on their Valentine’s special? Having a date night in the very first KFC in the UK would certainly be unique.

Whatever you do, it will probably be better than anyone down in Walsall in the West Midlands – they’re at the bottom on the splurging league, spending an average of £26.74 on the most romantic day of the year.

University of Central Lancashire