I took over my friend’s Tinder to try to get him a date

Are girls better at talking to girls than boys?

Some lads may find it easy to speak to girls in person, but ever since Tinder has made an appearance on the dating scene, it’s taken over the conventional method of meeting people face to face.

But how easy is it to get a date using Tinder?

After a few drinks in Source, I decided that my friend Elliot had been single for long enough and, with my alcohol-induced confidence, I was convinced I could help him get a date on Tinder.

More than anything else,  I’m a girl and being a girl, I know what other girls want – what we like and what we don’t like.

He’s a great guy with a funny profile, what was going wrong? All he needed was a woman’s touch.


To make sure I got a fair few matches to talk to, I swiped right to every girl who came along. However, none of the girls I matched with made the first move to get a conversation going.

Seeing as the conversation starter was left to me to sort out, I thought I’d try different techniques to get the girls talking.

A cheesy chat up line

Who doesn’t like a bit of flattery?

This can work most of the time depending on how good your chat up lines are.

Success rating: 7/10 

Even if you’re lying, girls love being flattered, especially if it’s funny, and it’s a great conversation starter.


As you might have guessed, her name is Millie

Obviously she knew it was a load of cheese but she replied, and she even put in a kiss which is even better.

That was probably because it’s a softer approach instead of “my bed or yours?” which is the kind of talk you get 80 per cent of the time on this app.

The standard conversation which doesn’t get you anywhere 

untitled (12)

You know the one: you start off by saying hi and let it fall into the boring conversation format which may possibly work if you have the same hobbies.

It normally goes from saying hi, asking how they are, where they are from, what they are up to, hobbies then eventually after a few days you can check in to see if there’s any chance of a date. Probably not though.

Success rating: 5/10

You never know if it will go one way or the other. It’s nice to get to know different people, but at what point are you going to ask to meet up? If they say no, you’ve just wasted your time on a really boring conversation.

Cut the shit

Sometimes you look at a profile and it’s pretty upfront.

Aviary Photo_130969219235787935

I don’t know if this is a good thing or just scary but it is definitely straight to the point.

Laying out the rules beforehand can be helpful so you know how not to piss them off. Then you won’t be wondering why you wasted your time by swiping right when you say the wrong thing and she goes mental like you’re already her boyfriend.

Talking about getting straight to the point, how about just putting yourself out there and going straight for the kill? If she’s forward enough to put all that in her profile, then maybe she’d respond well to an equally upfront message?


…Nope, that didn’t work either.

Success rating: 6/10

Although I sounded a bit too keen and knew nothing about the girl, it makes sense just to get straight to the point of going for a date. That way you’ll have the date to get to know each other’s hobbies and interests.

The bottom line is I couldn’t get Elliot a date. It turns out it doesn’t make a difference whether you’re a boy talking to a girl or pretending to be a boy talking to a girl. It is a lot harder than you think no matter what chat up line you use.

I didn’t realise how hard it was to get girls to talk to you on Tinder. I thought I’d be able to get my friend a date but I was ignored 50% of the time and I was doing all of the work.

This may be down to girls being hard work, just not interested, or maybe I need better chat up lines.

Joe, another UCLan student, admits to paying £5.99 per month to use the premium addition to add to the Tinder experience and has noticed a difference.

“It’s working for me, I’ve had a good few dates and if I’m going away for the weekend I can see what girls are going to be around prior to me getting there.”

This feature allows you to change your location, cancel a like if you accidentally swiped right, and gives you an unlimited amount of likes so you never run out of love to share. Maybe that’s the key to getting a date on Tinder?

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