UCLan student uses fake blood to protest tampon tax outside Parliament

It made a bloody big statement

A UCLan student headed to the Houses of Parliament with her friends this weekend to protest against the tampon tax with fake blood on her white trousers.

22 year old Ruth

22 year old Ruth

Ruth Howarth, a 22 year old Sexual Health student at UCLan,  and her friends decided to cover their white trousers in fake blood, giving the impression that they were “free bleeding”, or choosing not to use sanitary products while on their periods, in the hopes of making a stronger statement.


Charlie Edge, left, was in fact free bleeding, without using fake blood

When asked why she chose to protest about the tax, Ruth said: “The issue is important because we’re being taxed by something we can’t control. We don’t have a choice when we bleed and it obviously makes people uncomfortable, so it would benefit everyone.” Ruth says that they mainly received positive reactions, but there were some negatives too: “On the day, one man shouted ‘get a job’ and another ‘get your tits out’. We had some dirty looks too.

“Online afterwards, we were told we were gross, disgusting and had no self respect or dignity, that no one cared and that we wouldn’t make a difference. There were a few attacks on our appearance too.

“I also received a message of a rape threat.”
wBpHWinRuth has sent the message to the writer’s mother and reported it to the police.

She said: “The message doesn’t affect me really, but I worry about how he could be with women in his life so I didn’t want him to think he could get away with it!”

The group also aimed to raise awareness for those who cannot afford sanitary products and asked people to consider donating sanitary items to women’s shelters.

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