Meet the UCLan student with 12.5K Instagram followers

She also has 80,000 blog readers

Third year Fashion Brand Management student Ellie Rees is arguably the most popular blogger to grace the UCLan campus – Lucy Watson named her as one of her favourite fashion bloggers.

With a readership of 80,000 and 12.5K followers on Instagram, Ellie’s fashion blog Your Daily Dose of Style is incredibly successful.


Having always been interested in fashion and photography, Ellie says she began using Instagram before “everyone joined the hype.” She says getting started early helped her with establishing a large following on the site.


However, it was friends and lecturers that convinced Ellie to start her own blog: “I’d heard a lot about blogging and a lot of my friends tried to encourage me to start one because people were always asking where I had bought things I posted on my Instagram page.

“It wasn’t until my course leader encouraged me to start a blog, that I took the plunge.

“Not a lot of bloggers were around then so it took off quite fast. I think it’s a lot harder for bloggers to become more established now, as there is so much competition. To date I’ve got around 80,000 readership, which grows daily with every post.”


Although her blog and her Instagram are closely linked, Ellie says she uses each platform for different things. “On my Instagram I share the latest things I’ve bought, events I’ve attended, blogger mail I’ve received and even where I’ve eaten or places I’ve visited. My Instagram is basically everything in my life.

“My blog is different and mainly focuses on fashion and outfits I’ve worn, as well as collaborations with brands I’m working with.”


Ellie says when building a following, engagement is key. “I always reply to comments on my Instagram and share things I know others will like, which results in my followers tagging their friends and then, my following grows.”

With just over 140 posts on her blog, Ellie has done some pretty impressive things with her website. She tells us that she has worked with over 100 brands, with some of her favourites being Lipsy, Triangl Swimwear, Jord Watches and AX Paris. She also reveals that she has an ongoing contract with In The Style.


Despite her popularity online, particularly on Instagram, Ellie says she doesn’t consider herself Instafamous and says she still feels as if she’s only small at the moment.


Although the blogging world comes with some downsides, Ellie still loves what she does and spoke about the most interesting things she has done through her blog: “I get invited to lots of amazing events though blogging, a lot of them in London with expenses paid for and fab goodie bags, which is definitely a perk.

“Lipsy always hold incredible events. I went to one event that was in a private cinema for an A/W showcase. I got to meet celebrities, got an amazing goodie bag and the food was to die for – unlimited pizza, cocktails, a vintage sweet stand and a candy floss machine.”

“Lucy Watson named me as one of her favorite fashion bloggers, so that was quite nice and I got to do collaboration with her swimwear range for South Beach. I’ve met Michelle Keegan quite a few times too through Lipsy.”

But, as many would have guessed, there is a darker side to blogging. Dealing with haters can be difficult when you spend so much time on the internet, but Ellie gave us some solid advice on dealing with any negativity. “Some girls can be incredibly bitchy and rude on social media. You’re putting yourself out there to be judged by the whole word, so it can make you quite anxious.


“I used to really take negative comments to heart and get upset by them but now, I just ignore, block and move on – rising above is the best way.”