Confessions of a Trent sugar baby

She receives a fixed monthly income

Earlier this year, The Times ran an article on the massive rise of students joining sugar daddy dating sites to have their bills and tuition fees paid for.  As tuition fees have been rising, so have alternative ways of handling the costs. A 40 per cent rise in student, sugar babies has been recorded this year on website Seeking Arrangement.

Seeking Arrangement makes the suggestion that majority of their sugar babies come from middle and upperclass backgrounds. We spoke to a couple of anonymous students about their own experiences with sugar daddies, who we will call Jade and Amber.

So what are the perks of having a sugar daddy?

Jade: Well.. there’s the money, being able to go out and not be worried about the cost of it all because it’s not your money that’s being spent. Also being able to have nice things bought for you, it’s nice to be spoiled.

Amber: He pays the bills, and I receive a fixed amount per month. I also receive presents regularly.


What isn’t so perky?

Jade: It can feel sleazy at points, there is the feeling of being treated like a prostitute. Also there is a boundary you need to put between yourself and them depending on your relationship and it is hard not to get too emotionally invested.

Amber: But I am careful about keeping a distance in terms of emotions and feelings. I don’t want to get too involved. 

Would you recommend it to friends?

Jade: I would recommend it. It was a good experience and I think if other people experience it, it will relieve them from their own ignorance towards those who do have sugar daddies.

How has having a sugar daddy benefited your education?

Jade: Money, which is a useful resource as it is very helpful at university in order to cover bills and other fees. Bills being paid for means there is one less thing that I have to worry about, therefore less stress on my mental health allowing me to solely concentrate on my education and the uni deadlines which I need to meet.


Now let’s address the stigma.

Amber: My sugar daddy isn’t after sex. It’s purely attention. It kind of makes me sad really. Our relationship isn’t a physical one, it’s more to do with spending time and behing interested in his life.

Jade: Not all sugar daddies ask for a sexual relationship. Others will just say that if there is chemistry there and it leads to a sexual relationship, then that’s great however it isn’t mandatory which a lot of people seem to presume.

There is no pressure to have sex. Some sugar daddies just want someone who is a break away from their lives, someone to talk to or someone to just spoil.

Was this your first sugar daddy? If it was, would you do it all over again with another?

Jade: Yeah it was my first, I don’t know if I’d do it again.

Amber: I feel as long as I need the money and don’t have time for anything else I will keep doing it. I feel like you need to feel ready to do it, and would only recommend it if you need the money or it’s something that appeals to you.