How safe do you feel in Nottingham?

‘I definitely feel less safe than before’

After a student was attacked on her way home on Sunday morning, we asked students around campus if they feel safe in Nottingham.

Amiee and Jess

Amiee: It’s scary to think that this could happen. I’ve started to get taxis home from work if I finish late so that I don’t have to walk home by myself.

Jess: I used to live on the same street so it’s worrying to think that something can happen so close to where loads of students live, although I do feel safe on campus.


I feel safe in student areas and on campus, but if I am on my own in the dark I don’t at all, especially as you often hear scary stories


No, I don’t feel like I know the area well enough to feel confident. I feel safe on campus because there’s always people around but I would never walk alone in the city


I do feel safe when I’m with other people but definitely not by myself, especially in some areas of town


I’m definitely the type of person to walk home alone and think that everything will be fine. I used to get really annoyed when my friends would worry about me, but since moving into the city centre I definitely feel less safe than before

Dale and Talia 

We both feel a lot more safe living in West Bridgeford than when we used to live in the Arboretum. We still think it’s best to stick with your friends when you’re walking around at night.

Shifa, Priya and Rishi 

Yes and no! We feel safe when we are in a group.


No, not particularly. Especially now that I am living in the city centre and finish work very late. I always see things that make me uneasy so I do try to keep my wits about me.

Alice and Amy

We do and we don’t. Living in the city centre we find a lot of weirdos outside our house and there are always fights at night.

Amy and Wayne 

Yes, we do feel safe.