A Trent student was attacked after a night out

Her friend was just behind her

An NTU student was attacked walking home from a night out on Saturday 29th October.

The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, was walking home via Kilbourn Street and Mansfield Road, highly populated student areas.

She told The Tab: “I saw a guy stood in the porch gap of the new flats being built at the start of the week. As I saw him, he grabbed and pulled me, trying to get me to go into the flat.

“As he tried to pull my playsuit off, I fought him but he managed to batter my nose, dig his nails into my face and bruise my leg.

“Luckily my friend heard my screaming as she was only about a minute behind me and as she came around the corner, he loosened his grip and I was able to run away towards her.”

Kilbourn Street – where the attack happened

The Tab spoke to the student’s friend, who also wishes to remain anonymous.

She told us, “It was around 6 am in the morning walking home and I heard the most horrible screams ever, just around the corner in front of me.

“As I ran to my friend, the man let go and disappeared back into the building. My friend was covered in blood and gouge marks, I rang 999 immediately. It seemed as if he was just waiting there in the dark for someone to walk past.”

The man has been described as a guy in his 40/50s, caucasian, stubbly grey/white hair on his head with very dark, small eyes and wearing black.

The Nottingham police have been made aware of the situation and are looking for this man.

The student warned others of walking home alone in the dark even if you don’t think that it is that far. She said: “If my friend hadn’t been so close behind me, I may not have been so lucky.”

In September, we reported that Trent students were twice as likely as Uni of students to get violently or sexually assaulted, this attack alone highlights how dangerous it is to take the risk of walking alone in Nottingham.