Vote for which Trent halls are the loosest

Should you sacrifice location for fun?

We all know that Trent is known to be one of the biggest party unis. But with halls being located all over the city is the obvious chose always the right one?


Located on top of the SU there’s no excuse not to crawl to your 9ams. There’s absolutely no reason to stay in on a Saturday as you only have to go downstairs for Climax so surely pres here should be pretty epic. As one of the most expensive halls you’d expect big things and Byron certainly does deliver.

Trinity Square

You’ll surely look fresh to death living opposite the Victoria Centre. There’s no need to spend extra cash on taxis anywhere because it’s right in the heart of town centre so you can get to anywhere in minutes.


The Maltings

Most commonly asked question – where is that? It’s party central that’s where it is. As it’s one of the cheapest halls there’s more money to spend on nights out and there’s always the perfect excuse of missing lectures as everyone feels sorry for you having to get a bus when actually you’re just hanging the common room or the courtyard with everyone.

Gill Street South

Lets face it, everyone’s first choice is Gill Street South. It’s ideally located for after parties and they’re always up for a sesh in the seriously sick kitchens so things can get pretty messy although you better have a key with 5 doors to get through.



The cheapest out of the two Clifton halls and the rival of New Hall. The rooms have en-suites to make the post-coital loo run less awkward, although the bus ride back to the city the next day isn’t for the faint hearted.


Opposite Newton is pretty prime location and with the view you can get from some rooms is pretty immense. It’s cheaper than Byron but only across the road so going private wasn’t that bad afterall.