There’s a consent campaign coming to NTU

It’s called ‘Consent is Everything’

NTSU is launching a campaign called ‘Consent is Everything’ on the 16th November in order to raise awareness about sexual consent amongst students.

They have released a “Consent is Everything” video which has been made available to all students. This was apparently also included in the training for both Freshers’ Crew and Resident Assistants and is set to be rolled out in committee training to ensure that the message reaches all types of students across the university.

In partnership with NTU, NTSU are hoping to increase knowledge about sexual consent; what it is, what it isn’t, giving it and getting it. The NTU Respect and Consent Working Group, consisting of both staff and students, was set up to look specifically at how to address issues around sexual consent and certain social cultures, which are prevalent across universities nationwide.

It was recently reported that Trent students were twice as likely than Uni Of students to be victims of sexual or violent assaults. NTSU are hoping that, as part of the campaign, they will be able to help tackle this by providing workshops and focus groups during November.