Trent has better student satisfaction than Uni of, says new rankings

And we’re the 63rd best university in the UK

The Good University Guide has put Trent as the 63rd best university in the UK – down 10 places from last year.

It may not sound great as an overall score but we ranked 28th with 83 per cent for student satisfaction putting Uni of to shame as they’re down at 80th.

Thanks to how much was spent on our facilities such as sports over at Clifton we came in 25th, beating Uni of again by 13 places. ‘Facilities spend’ also covers things such as careers service and health and counselling services.

Unsurprisingly we came 90th for research assessment intensity, but who wants intense assessments? We wouldn’t be able to live up to our party-hard reputation if we had to stay in every night. It’s probably a factor that adds to our student satisfaction.

71.4 per cent of us received a 2.2 or higher according to the statistics and although you may suspect otherwise, Uni of aren’t too far ahead of us with 80.5 per cent. With their entry standards thrashing us as they rank 24th compared to our 88th position, you’d expect their ‘good honours’ score to be higher.

Some of us fared better than others with Sports Science having an impressive overall rating of 91.4 per cent – but courses such as English (81.9 per cent) and Business at (82.2 per cent) might need to lay off a couple of Ocean Wednesdays if they want to boost their score for next year.