Trent students are twice as likely to be violently or sexually assaulted than Uni Of

850 crimes were reported last August alone

Trent students are two times more likely to be a victim of total crime and violence and sexual offences than Uni of Nottingham students even though they populate the same city.

The Complete University Guide took the number of crimes reported from July 2015 to June 2016 per one thousand residents within student areas.

These crimes include burglary, robbery and violence and sexual offences. They found that Nottingham Trent University had a total score of 4.5 per cent for all crimes reported. Three per cent of people are likely to be a victim of violence and sexual offences, whilst burglary and robbery rates are at just over one per cent.

Last year it was reported that Nottingham was the drug-dealing capital of England and Wales with 850 crimes reported last August alone.

These statistics are based on all residents and not just students, the results are taken within wards or electoral divisions weighted by student population.