Pokémon Go Freshers’ bar crawls are coming to Nottingham

Gotta drink em’ all!

With the huge explosion of the Pokémon Go app onto our smartphones, it was inevitable that Pokémon Go bar crawls were going to happen. After quickly making its way to the number one spot on the app store.

And now people are bringing Pokémon into the real world and making this virtual reality, actual reality by starting up a Nottingham Freshers Bar Crawl! It is still the early stages and so not much has been confirmed but the date is going to be Sunday 25th September from 2pm-3am. We’re not sure if this is the exact time and the location is yet to be released, but you can check it out for yourself on the Facebook event page.

Here’s how it work eager uni freshers meet up at the first bar at a certain time where they will set up a load of Lures to catch as many Pokémon as they can, before moving on to the next bar and doing the same.

The event page states that there are going to be ‘5 ‘gyms’ (pubs/bars), loads of different routes, one field for open battle and two venues for a final battle at the Orange League!’ All that whilst getting absolutely pissed.