Geordie Shore’s Gaz in trouble after grabbing a Trent student’s bum

His girlfriend Charlotte has since deleted all photos with him from her Instagram

Geordie Shore couple Gaz and Charlotte are on the rocks, after Gaz was photographed with his hand on a Trent student’s bum.

Law student and Miss Nottingham runner up, Vicky Marriott, caused quite a stir amongst fans of Geordie Shore stars Gaz and Chaz, who reacted angrily after she posted the photo on Instagram.

In the comments, Vicky claimed that Gaz had asked her to go back to his hotel with him to which she declined as she has a boyfriend.

One fan who saw the post – and her comment about being asked to accompany him at the end of the evening – tagged Gaz and Charlotte in it repeatedly until it caught Charlotte’s attention.

The Miss Nottingham runner up was working as Gaz’s hostess at Oceana Nottingham on Sunday night when the snap was taken.

On her Instagram – which has now been made private – fans commented that she is: “an attention seeking slag” and saying she had: “destroyed Chaz.” Some even claimed she photoshopped the picture to include Gary’s hand.

Charlotte commented on the Instagram post, asking Vicky: “did he actually ask you back?!”


This comes one day after their former co-star Jay Gardner revealed to OK! magazine that Charlotte and Gaz are said to be “official.”

Charlotte recorded a youtube video last week, in which she said about her and Gary’s relationship: “Right now we’re in a good place and we do feel ready to try it with each other. We have decided to do it completely privately, so how could that be for publicity?”

Gaz posted this tweet last night, after Charlotte had removed all trace of him from her Instagram and unfollowed him on Twitter:

He was met with words of encouragement from Chaz fans:

Some were less encouraging:

Charlotte tweeted last night:

Vicky responded to the backlash on Instagram, saying: “My relationship hasn’t been affected by any of this actually. And many girls have photos with Gaz and he’s tagged in them, don’t see them getting attention like this so how was I to know this picture would get this out of hand?”

She also says she was unaware Gary and Charlotte were together until after posting the photo.