My parents moved to Norwich and now my life is over

Sorry Norwich, but you’re shit


Starting university is an exciting and terrifying prospect. Making new friends is not an easy feat and there is much consolation knowing that you have friends waiting for you at home during the holidays. Sadly, this is something that I can no longer look forward to.

I come from a small, idyllic riverside town in Worcestershire called Bewdley. It’s every thing you think it would be – picturesque, quiet and boring but also full of childhood friends. Many weekends were spent underage drinking in the sandy park, eating fish and chips by the river and stumbling out of one of the 18 pubs that the town boasts.

Last May, at the end of my first year, my Dad broke the news that he had a new job, however there was a catch…it was in Norwich.

Why would you want to move away from somewhere like this?

Norwich is a horrifying 185 miles away from my beloved hometown.

My parents decided to move on the same weekend that I was moving into my second year house, causing the whole day to be full of chaos and moving men – not the goodbye that I really fancied.

Now Norwich isn’t one of the worst places that one can move to however it’s definitely not the first on your list.

Look at this hideous city

Firstly, it’s in the middle of nowhere – literally, nothing is around the city except tiny villages with no street lighting. It’s still over an hour away from Cambridge which is the closest city with mildly interesting things to do and see.

Secondly, It’s freezing – what is up with the wind? Why is it always absolutely glacial? My Mum informs me that it’s from Siberia and that is not something I signed up for – no thank you.

Thirdly, it’s literally on the other side of the country from my hometown. I am in no position to make new friends there, being at uni most of the time, and believe me the Christmas holidays were nowhere near as fun as normal spent playing trivial pursuit with my parents night after night.

Sure, Norwich has nice food places, cute shops and there’s a (sort of) beach nearby but what’s the use of these things with no one to enjoy them with?

Pretending to enjoy myself at a coffee shop in Norwich

It costs £88 for a return ticket without a rail card, further epitomizing the fact that no one wants to go there or can afford to either.

Furthermore, I am now stuck in a limbo – what do I say when someone asks me where I’m from? I used to say Worcestershire but I don’t live there anymore and there’s no chance I’m going to say I’m from Norwich. I’m in no mans land.

My ‘charming’ new home

So thanks Mum and Dad. You have torn me away from my childhood town and friends and forced me to admit that I now live in a cold, rainy city with nothing interesting except the odd artisan food place that pretentiously serves anchovies for breakfast (seriously?!)

I think I speak for all those students whose parents have done this when I say STOP, please – you may think you now have the opportunity to move away with all your children gone but really, if you do, then you’re only going to make the identity crisis that every student faces even worse.