Every basic you’ll meet at Trent

Not everyone can be a bad bitch like you

Nowadays you’ll find more than just your stereotypical ‘douchebag’ or ‘bitch’. The words are thrown around so easily that we’ve decided to categorise the different types you’ll bump into.

The social media over-sharer

That annoying girl from your secondary school whose Instagram is full of flirtatious poses, or that really cringey guy who takes post-shower snapchats (captions ought to be: “I’m fishing for compliments”).


The hopeless romantic

All their friends are in relationships and they think that one night stands can lead to legitimate companionship.

The bitch in the club toilet

The girl who tried it on with the guy you want and then proceeds to give you dirty looks in the toilets.

The wannabe hoe

Claims to have slept with 100 people … but we all know it’s closer to 10.


The real-life hoe

Someone who actually lives up to their word when it comes to their body count.

The ninja hoe

The innocent-looking girl a couple flats down that drunkenly confessed she had a threesome during her gap year in Thailand.

The drug hound

Although rare, this is someone who will do anything (and we mean anything) for free drugs.

The Bitch You Love to Hate

Their social media profiles give your group chat endless laughs, and if they’re not on your group chat it’s because they’re in it.


The disappearing act (or “classic fuckboy”)

It’s got to that time of night when you’re ready to leave the club but hold on, where’s that guy that promised you a night of pure bliss. Oh that’s him leaving with the bitch from the toilets.